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Model Expert features

Transform your EA model quality, share and apply modelling standards and empower your team with Model Expert.


Package Dashboard view

A single page graphical view of what's in your model

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Meta-Model View

View your model as a Class diagram - showing the Element and Connector types

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Discover Elements

All the element types and stereotypes in your model

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Discover Diagrams

Discover and navigate easily to the diagrams in your model

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Discover Connectors

Reveal the connector types, sources and targets in your model

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Discover People

Who is creating content in your model?

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How complex is this package?

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Word Cloud

A quick glance to see what the package is about

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Find and Fix

Correcting stereotypes

Making the elements in your models consistent

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Find and fix duplicate elements

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Empty Diagrams

Placeholders? Or mistakes?

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Using Relationship Matrices

Create a tailored view of all your packages, element types and relationship types

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Visualise Virtual Connectors

Display virtual (multi-hop) relationships with the Advanced Relationship matrix

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Changing connectors

Simple ways to find and fix connector types and directions

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Validation Rules

Additional standards that are applied during model checks

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Setting standards

Reference models

Create and use reference models to make your models consistent

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Reference Diagrams

Define specific diagram types and allowed contents

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Check Diagram against a Reference Model

Validate models using diagrams

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Check Package against a Reference Model

Model Expert can help you to understand a whole collection of diagrams and elements.

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Create your own MDG

Based on your best practice modelling standards

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Editing Reference Models

Customizations for your Reference Model

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Guided Modelling

Managed Packages

Packages set up to work with your best practice modelling guidance

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Setting up Guided Modelling

Rules and options for your modellers

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Hard and Soft modes

Choose how you apply Reference model standards

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Customized Help

Real time in-tool support based on your organisations standards

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Tailored User Interface

Let your modellers focus on the attributes and TVs that matter

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Re-using existing elements

Guide modellers to packages of useful content

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The model quality management tool used by...

Model Managers

Model Governance made easy. Model Expert helps you and your team deliver model quality.

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Experienced Modelers

Giving you more time to focus on the stuff that matters

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New modelers

Real-time Help and guidance for those who are new to EA or unfamiliar with your modeling standards.

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Improve productivity, speed up model familiarisation and reveal model insights

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