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New modelers

Real-time Help and guidance for those who are new to EA or unfamiliar with your modeling standards.

How do you ensure consistency?

As models grow, and more modelers add content, it can be difficult to maintain common standards. Different parts of the model can start to look very different. And then it’s difficult for everyone to share, understand and re-use the models.

If everyone is trained to model the same way then this problem can be reduced, but still bad habits can creep in. And sometimes there just isn’t time to wait for the next training course, so new modelers have to ‘just do it’.

What if you could have a trainer sitting next to every modeler, giving them real-time feedback, correcting their mistakes and guiding them to follow your best practices?

That’s what Model Expert guided modelling provides.


What does Guided modelling look like?

This video shows how Model Expert provides real time prompts and even a tailored UI to modelers so that their modelling follows the best practice patterns that are required.

The help and guidance is set up on a package by package basis based on reference models and diagrams that are saved in your repository.

And the rules and help that are provided can be set to either soft (advice) or hard (mandatory) modes, depending on what suits your team.

More about setting up reference models 

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