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Setting up Guided Modelling

Rules and options for your modellers

Model Expert lets you deliver guided modelling to your users, through the definition of managed packages.

Managed packages provide modellers with real-time prompts and links to Help, plus, for individual element types, customised user interfaces. Making it easy for everyone to model right first time.


The Model Expert Browser

The Model Expert Browser provides an overview of how and where Model Expert is being used in your model. From here you can find all the Reference Models (RMs) in your EA model, and control which packages are managed by which RMs. (Note that if a parent package is managed, all its children are managed too – by the same Reference Model).

The browser provides a color coded view of your EA model, making it easy to set up and find

  • Reference Models
  • Which packages are managed (and by which RMs)
  • The dates and results of any validation checks

Select a package, and you can also generate lists of the elements and diagrams included, plus the authors who have contributed – the same results produced by the package dashboard. You can also create a new Reference Model from this window.



Select a Reference model and open its details – from here you can see a list of all the allowed element types and diagrams, plus all the validation rules that it applies.

You can also set and test the url for the location of the model Help here, and set the checking mode to hard or soft.


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