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Hard and Soft modes

Choose how you apply Reference model standards

Strict or Flexible?

When working in Guided mode, whenever an element or connector is added to a diagram, Model Expert checks it against the relevant Reference model and flags if there is a problem.

In some instances, the modeller may need to know what the standard is, but still needs to add a different element or connector. In other cases, it is necessary for the standard to be followed exactly. To allow for this, Model Expert Reference Models can be set to apply in either Hard or Soft mode.

‘Hard mode’ means that only modelling that meets the RM standards will be allowed.

‘Soft mode’ means that the Reference Model help and hints will be presented to modellers as they add content, but they will be able to disregard that advice and add content which is outside the Reference Model guidance.

It’s easy to change between Hard and Soft modes of working through the Model Expert browser.

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