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Editing Reference Models

Customizations for your Reference Model

When you create a Reference Model from your initial modeling, the RM which you get will have all the characteristics of that initial model: good and bad.

So it’s normal, once you have created an initial RM, to customize it. For example:

  • Remove some stereotypes you don’t want to use
  • Remove some connection types you don’t want to use
  • Give some meaningful names to the different types of diagram, and customize what can appear in each diagram

Any modelling which is checked against your reference model will pass the check if it is allowed by your reference model. However it might not be enough to make sure that everything modelled is allowed – you may have elements or fields that MUST appear.

To specify required items, add validation rules to your reference model.

Tailoring Reference models in this way is useful when you are using your RM to check exisiting models. But what if you want to apply the Reference Models for new modelling? Model Expert gives you more options to set up your modelling team to model right first time.

Preparing for Guided modelling

Model Expert provides a number of additional settings that give your modellers even more help. You can:

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