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How complex is this package?

What is Complexity?

The overall measure of Package Complexity is based on the number of different element and connector types in this package.

It is a simple indication of the level of ‘connectedness’ of the meta-model of the package, the ratio of connector types to element types:

  • The number of connector types is the number of unique combinations of
    • source element type+stereotype
    • connector type+stereotype
    • target element type+stereotype
  • The number of element types is the number of unique element type+stereotype.

For example:

A linear ‘string’ of elements and connectors: gives a ratio just less than 1

A package with ‘simple’ connections between, say, 4 elements, with, say, 4 connections: gives a ratio of 1

A complex package, where everything connects to everything, is a hard model to maintain, so it’s complexity is shown as >1

To discover why your package has this complexity score, explore the meta-model diagram.

A very low complexity figure may suggest that the package has missing relationships. A high figure, that this package may need to be simplified.

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